Want to be a more Productive Artist?

Need a Business Plan to help you with that?

But how do you write such a Business Plan?

The Productive Artist can show you how!

Get the book, now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle e-book format. However you learn best! 

You’ll Discover: 

  • A business planning method as unique and creative as you and your art
  • My signature 7 questions you must answer to make a living from your creative talents
  • How to execute those in 7 simple steps and build the creative business you envision
  • How to sustain that business without compromising your art and creativity
  • How easy it can be to complete a business plan for your creative journey!

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Productivity Tactic #1: Simplify

OK Productive Artists! At the beginning of this year, I listed out my 10 Tactics for how to rock your 2012 resolutions. Once you have a good idea of your resolutions & un-resolutions, whether for your personal life or your business, the next step is figuring out how you’re going to achieve them! […]

by Rebecca Ahn

Productivity Tactic #2: Prioritize

Ok now for the second step I recommend for achieving greater productivity with your goals, be them New Years resolutions or any other kind: Prioritize! Unless you assign your goals a relative order of importance, you will end up trying to tackle all of your creative chaos at once […]

by Rebecca Ahn

Productivity Tactic #3: Think Big, Act Small

OK so now you’ve got your nice and concise list of prioritized goals for 2012. Now what?

Any one of your goals can seem like a huge undertaking, let alone the whole list of them, and it can feel a bit daunting to figure out how to start tackling them. […]

by Rebecca Ahn

The Productive Artist's Business Plan, now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback

How Business Smarts Can Boost The Arts

The following is your very own special sneak peek at the Prologue from my book, The Productive Artist’s Business Plan, wherein I introduce what I mean by Productive Artists and how combining some key business best practices into our creative endeavors can skyrocket our artistic productivity and impact. Read on to see what I mean … Continue reading

Why We Need More Strong Female Film Roles

In today’s growing global political climate and all the recent reports surfacing around sexual harassment, particularly in the entertainment industry, it’s more important than ever that we see strong women in strong positions in our media, movies, and shows. As Gal Gadot said recently in an episode of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series, “there cannot be … Continue reading

A Wonder Woman To Direct Wonder Woman. No Wonder!

*UPDATE: After MacLaren’s departure from the Wonder Woman film due to “creative differences,” Warner Bros. could have chosen anyone to take over the helm. Anyone. And it wouldn’t have surprised anyone if they’d chosen a man. But they DIDN’T! To our very pleasant surprise, Warner Bros. took another big leap forward and chose the equally … Continue reading

Praise for The Productive Artist’s Business Plan

I wish this was around when art first peaked my interest. It’s just what an artist needs, amazing!!!

Darcel Walker

The Productive Artist’s business plan provides insightful, but more importantly practical advice for getting off your butt and getting move in the direction of the business and creative endeavors you’d secretly rather be working toward than your day job.


A great framework that takes some best practices from the business world, and gives artists a leg up on how to be successful in their industry. You don’t have to be a starving artist, just use Rebecca’s book to help you enjoy your work, and take your life to the next level!

Chris Cheng

I’ve been making my living as a writer for almost two decades, and I learned a lot from this book. It’s a no-nonsense, step-by-step action plan for anyone who wants to make a living as a creative artist. Despite having learned a lot over the years (the hard way) every chapter makes me say, “Oh, that’s what I did wrong that time. I should have done it like this.” This is the book I wish I had when I was starting out.
Stop being a struggling artist. Become a professional artist. Start with this book.


It’s often hard for me to get started on a project and beyond pragmatic advice this book helped me feel up for the challenges and ready to jump into it.

D. Evans

It can sometimes be hard to motivate on the business side of creative projects. This book helped give me a starting point to work towards my goals and make money as an artist. It’s a smooth read and breaks everything down in very practical ways. Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get yourself started and this book does that.

T Book

Tangible, real-world strategies for organizing the creative spirit into action. A “getting things done” how to for artists. Easily digestible, compelling and an enjoyable read.


Insightful and pragmatic guide for the artistic entrepreneur.
A simple step-by-step planning guide to transforming your artistic pursuits into a living.

Thomas Ihbe

This book gets right to the point when it comes to the order and organizing your creative business. Step by step you will find your way to laser focus on your goals.

Karen M. Fields

Rebecca’s quests are great no matter what stage your business is in – new businesses can start on the right path and ongoing businesses can keep on the right path. Her process is straight forward with lots of examples. Definitely worth the read and actually DOING the exercises.


Artists: Find your inspiration, visualize it, grow to want it so bad you’ll do anything and then read this book.
For those passionate enough to not only create great work, but also push beyond the comforts of a studio there is a magical world waiting.
A world where there is a clear path to produce and share your work with massive audiences of people who will appreciate and support your craft.

Cpt Fantastic

I feel that this book shows how to make great strides with any business. Not just in the arts, but anywhere you choose to be. The easy to follow steps walk you through everything you need to do in order to succeed in a business or to take a hobby to a business level. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to bone up on how to get things done and get them done right! Thanks, Rebecca!

Nathan Hoskins

I had the good fortune of getting some guidance from Rebecca and with some simple sessions I was back on the right track. That’s what this book is, it’s a firm nudge in the right direction because let’s face it we’re all at different places in our artistic endeavors. This book’s straight forward approach will help you organize and steel your projects into results.


Rebecca Ahn has always been a passionate person. Her book, The Productive Artist’s Business Plan: How To Create the Business & Life You Want as a Creative Entrepreneur contains that passion and also some of her other defining characteristics: attention to detail, problem solver, and her will power to achieve. This is Rebecca, distilled into words and words that when turned into actions will bring results.

M. Chew

About The Author

Rebecca Ahn (she/her) is an award-winning producer, writer, warrior, and creative business consultant who has walked the line between the creative arts and business all of her life. The lessons in this book were fueled by her 8+ years working with artists and creative freelancers of all shapes, sizes, and industries as a creative business consultant, and the same common roadblocks she consistently saw her clients struggle with in their creative entrepreneurial journeys.

Rebecca is herself a woman of many creative passions and endeavors. Most recently, she is also the founder of Tough Cookie Travel where she helps women travelers learn how to stay safer and stronger wherever they roam through her writing, storytelling, and self defense training.

Read more about Rebecca’s story here.