Sharing Outside the Box

Sharing is caring“Chaos is a friend of mine.” -Bob Dylan

In honor of this past holiday season, I thought I’d write my next post all about the gift of sharing with others, and how this can help significantly improve both your efficacy and joviality.

The secret is in one word: Dropbox!

If you haven’t heard of this fantastical tool, Dropbox is a cloud-based hosting system (yes, it’s on Android!) that allows you to easily store and share single files or entire folders with others across the internet. It uses this fancy process called file synchronization, which basically means that when you put a file in your Dropbox, it will both (a) instantly update in the cloud AND (b) create a “mirrored” copy of that file for each individual Dropbox you’ve specified to share with. It’s the best of both worlds – because you’ll have the file itself saved in the cloud AND have a copy on your computer that you can access anytime, even when you’re offline (not connected to the internet).

There are several account options, based on how much storage you need. I recommend the Basic account (what I have), which gives you a whopping 2GB… for FREE! But if you need more space, there’s the Pro 50 Account, which gives you 50GB for $9.99/mo, the Pro 100 Account with 100GB for $19.99/mo, and even the brand-new Team level account with 1000GB for $795 and up. Now that’s getting pretty pricey, but chances are the Basic level will suit your needs just fine.

The bottom line is, it’s all about sharing with others in a way that saves you the most time, money and space (less physical paperwork!), and makes the most sense. It’s a very simple set up process, and then the sky’s the limit! Whether you’re sharing important documents with your colleagues (that you’ll get to after the holidays), or festive photos with family, or New Year’s Eve videos with friends, it’s the simplest and fastest way I’ve found to keep my world synchronized.

So if you’re ready to get your sharing on, head to to set up your account now. You’ll be taken through a pretty straight-forward sign up process and asked to download the Dropbox application to your computer. This is essential, or you won’t be able to access the mirrored copies of shared documents on your computer. They make it incredibly simple too – just drag the Dropbox icon into your Application folder, and then double-click the Dropbox icon to launch on your computer.

Once you are all set up, you’ll see a little Dropbox icon icon in the top bar of your desktop. This gives you direct access to all your Dropbox folders, as well as to “Launch Dropbox Website” where you can manage your sharing preferences. Create as many folders as you like, and share each one with whomever you like, and then let the sharing and caring begin!

Questions? Comments? Absurd Ideas? Please feel free to comment on this post and share!

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