The New Productive Artist site!

Introducing the newly designed, focus-refined, Productive Artist site!

As I recently announced on The Chaos Whisperer site, I’ve been trying to give my business greater clarity and defined direction. And so I’ve decided to evolve my advice and offerings into the new and improved Productive Artist vision, being one myself and wanting to help other creative minds find greater productivity and chaos management in their life and business. And to that end, I’ve launched this shiny new website, that hopefully now features simpler navigation, so you can more quickly find what you need to improve your productivity in your creative projects & endeavors.

So without further ado, please feel free to explore my new and improved site. You can access any of the above Categories by hovering your mouse over “Your Guide To…” in the top menu. Whatever area gives you the most creative chaos, click on over to that Category and see if The Productive Artist can help you manage it.

And please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for further improvement. Enjoy!

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