Productivity Tactic #5: Don’t Justify

OK, so now you’re on the right path. You’ve got your simplified list of resolutions that you’ve broken down into bite-size steps. And you’ve begun tackling that list based on the priorities and deadlines you’ve set for yourself. Bravo!

Now comes the hard part – sticking to your plan.

Because no matter how motivated you were at the beginning, that initial excitement will fade and you may start to feel overwhelmed or uncertain that anything you’re doing is making any difference. So it’s important to continue checking back in on your progress and your path as you go along.

And as you do, I urge you to be mindful of one very tempting trap: Don’t Justify Your Time!

I know it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as the day-to-day minutiae builds up and takes over. So the best way I’ve found to keep myself in check is to stop, take a beat, and ask myself:

  • Am I being productive or just active?
  • Am I adding more work for myself just to feel busy?
  • Am I inventing things to do just to avoid the important?

Sometimes the things we least want to do are the things that most need to get done. But they can feel a bit daunting to take on. So it’s perfectly normal to find yourself filling your time with other menial tasks so that you can argue (to yourself of course) that you don’t have time to take on those bigger, more important ones.

But just because it’s normal, doesn’t make it healthy or productive.

So it’s important to stay self-aware and catch yourself when you get into that place. Because as good as it feels to keep putting off the big scary stuff, I promise it will feel even better to actually get those big scary things done and off your list.

So if you do find yourself facing this challenge, maybe this mantra will help:

“The sooner I do it, the sooner I don’t have to do it!”

So go out there and take procrastination head on.

And remember: Don’t justify.

Identify the hesitancy, falsify your justifications, and then vivify – just go for it!

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Questions? Comments? Absurd Ideas? Comment below and tell us one big scary To Do you are going to stop avoiding and tackle today!

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