Productivity Tactic #7: Imitate

As you continue charging through those nicely broken down, prioritized and deadline’d steps towards your goals, you will no doubt hit occasional and seemingly insurmountable roadblocks that can slow you down. At the same time, you will very certainly receive ample and unsolicited advice from well meaning observers that want to help you pick up the pace again.

Most people would tell you to ignore the peanut gallery. However, while I do encourage you to carve a path that is unique yours, I also don’t see any reason why you can’t take advantage of those nuggets of advice that are actually productive, or even (crazy as it sounds) seek the guidance of others on your own.

I already wrote about the benefits of outsourcing & automating, but what about the stuff you still need to do yourself?

Even then, when it’s a task that requires you to roll up your sleeves and get your own hands dirty (and they very often will), I don’t see why you can’t learn from others in order to help pave your road to success?

When we’re already up against so many obstacles, and the path to unique & independent success is such a rocky one, I have to ask: Why feel the need to reinvent the wheel?

Yes, it’s important to be original. And you absolutely should be bringing something new to the table. But it’s also important to use your time and resources wisely. Just because you want to create something new doesn’t mean you have to create it entirely from scratch.

One the key ingredients to efficiently developing your product, service, or even entire business, is to know how to effectively use the applicable information and resources already out there, and then improve upon them — take them a step further — to give them your own flavor. You don’t have to reinvent the entire wheel to be original, just reinvent the idea or the purpose of the wheel, or give it a new spin!

And if you are struggling to identify ways you can improve what’s out there, or even learn what’s out there to begin with, talk to your friends, your colleagues especially, and even (or possibly most importantly) your competitors. Look at what others in your field have done and how they fared for good examples of either what to do or what not to do.

I’m not saying you should copy exactly what they did! But their experience can prove a more helpful starting point than if you tried to start from nothing. You can still take what you learn from them and make it your own.

So get out there and learn from the best… and then make it even better!

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Questions? Comments? Absurd Ideas? Comment below and tell us about one thing you like that someone else is doing and how you can imitate and improve their experience for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Productivity Tactic #7: Imitate

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