Productivity Tactic #8: Define Your Space

Hopefully by now you’ve defined your goals and started making strategic progress towards them.

But what about the spaces in which you do this? Have you found that properly productive space wherein you are able to fully focus on your work and your goals; where the creative juices keep flowing, and the To Do lists practically check themselves off?

In my own experience, I’ve found it to be nearly as crucial to define your work space as it is to define your work goals themselves. That space can make or break your ability to work productively and can influence whether you make smooth progress or none at all.

So if you’ve been following my Productivity Tactics so far, and still find yourself struggling to make headway on your goals, consider whether this might be your missing link.

Take some time to really identify that place (or those places) where you feel most productive. It could be your office at work or at home, or your living room, or a coffee shop down the street. Then make room in your daily schedule to use that space regularly and consistently for your work routine.

This might involve incorporating travel time into your work schedule, to ensure you can get to and from your ideal work space. And if your ideal space requires this, make room for it. Don’t sacrifice it for something more conveniently located that might not be as productive. Trust me – it will make a difference.

This could also mean locating the nearest sources for necessary fuel that you will need whilst working in your ideal space, such as power outlets, food and caffeine. Whatever it is you need to have around you to stay focused and productive – be it a coffee maker, or steady wifi, or that stuffed animal that’s been your lucky talisman since the 9th grade – make that your first step to secure before you commit to your new work space. You’ll want to make sure you are fully supplied for success when you sit down in your ideal space and can avoid interrupting your workflow in order to go find these later on.

But perhaps the most vital step I advise is the physical setup of your ideal work space itself. If you will indeed be working in this space on a regular basis, you will need to keep it well lit and well organized with all (and only) the necessary materials and resources you’ll need to work towards your goals. This means you’ll also need to make an extra effort to keep it free of any other irrelevant clutter, to make sure you can focus all your energy on the tasks in front of you.

If you can do this, I’ve no doubt you’ll find the progression of your work and goals much smoother and faster… and your ability to balance the chaos in your creative work much easier. Because defining your work space will also help you to define the spaces for other elements in your life. And you’ll be amazed how much knowing exactly where you are and being exactly where you want to be can do for your creativity and productivity.

So go on. Define your spaces. And then see how much more you are able to employ them & enjoy them!

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Questions? Comments? Absurd Ideas? Comment below and tell us about your ideal work space!

3 thoughts on “Productivity Tactic #8: Define Your Space

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