Resolution Tactic #11: Make It Your Own

“I must create a System, or be enslav’d by another Man’s.” -William Blake

OK I’m cheating and giving you one more tactic to help you achieve your resolutions this year – because there was just too much to fit into only ten! And because the most important thing to remember as you embark on this new productive journey is to know what you want and never give up on that.

I know it’s tempting to overvalue other people’s advice (especially if you trust and respect them) and it seems easier to just do what they recommend. But it’ll never be exactly the right solution for you unless you make it your own, and it may only end up slowing you down.

So my advice is to stop defining your goals based on what other people tell you is important. It really doesn’t matter what any of your family, or friends, or society say – or even what I say really – if you truly know what you want, never let anyone tell you it’s not worth it.

I’ve had my own story of struggle with this, and I can’t say I’m out of the woods yet – but I’m definitely on my way. And one of the most crucial steps I took to get this far was to create my own definition of what success means to me, not what I’ve been told it should mean, or what I know others consider it to be. This is so important to achieve that feeling of fulfillment and contentment, in your work and in your life. Define what success means to you, and then go for it and don’t give up!

If not, you’ll always be playing someone else’s game. And you can’t win at someone else’s game.

So make up your own game. Make your own rules – or at least take the rules dealt you and decide how you want to score the points. Choose to be in charge and then you are in charge – it’s not that complicated. I know it’s hard, and you have a lot to overcome. But the solution can be that simple, if you have the passion and the guts to believe it.

So go out there and make me proud…

No scratch that, make yourself proud!

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Questions? Comments? Absurd Ideas? Comment below and tell us how you define success and how you plan to pave your own path to get there.

3 thoughts on “Resolution Tactic #11: Make It Your Own

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