Build the Business

“Anything you build on a large scale or with intense passion invites chaos.” -Francis Ford Coppola

I’ve been trying to take my own advice and better organize both my personal and professional life. I’ve made great progress with my personal life, but have been struggling a bit more on the professional side.

This past year, I set a goal to take my businesses to the next level. And in that time, I’m proud to say I’ve been really focused on mastering my role as an independent film producer. I dove head first into industry resources, stalking important & influential IMDb profiles, staying up-to-date on the trades & industry news, and reading really thick books on film production and budgeting. And lately my production company partner and I have really been kicking our own production slate into high gear.

But I recently came to realize that my goal of driving my professional career doesn’t only apply to my filmmaking path — it also means the work I’ve been doing here, as The Productive Artist. This is the area I’ve been wanting to really step up, so it’s time to give it some serious TLC.

The main thing my Productive Artist business needs is more . I need to hone in on what this business is really about – who my target audience is, what value I am really offering, and how can I best put that offer out there to benefit others?

I’ve been going over and over these questions in my head and I’ve been narrowing down to the answers, albeit a bit slower than I’d like. But what could really help me get there faster is some help and insight from YOU – you are my audience, my readers, my clients. So it would actually be immensely constructive, and help me to help you even better, if you could tell me:

1. What do you wish The Productive Artist would provide?

2. What part of your life (personal or professional) do you find the most plagued by creative chaos?

3. How can I best help you become a more Productive Artist?

I want to step up my tips, tools and services as The Productive Artist, and provide more clear and consumable solutions. But that’s going to harder to do without your feedback. So please feel free to comment here – share your thoughts, your roadblocks, your needs – and I promise I will give every single suggestion my full attention.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your comments!

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