Creativity = Chaos

“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -Tom Barrett

As I’ve continued exploring this new path as The Productive Artist, I’ve discovered something vital about both who I am and what it means to be The Productive Artist.

It’s all about creativity and finding ways to let that thrive.

I have always preferred working in fields related to the arts and creativity, although not always actually an artist myself. I’ve tried my hand at various creative pursuits within widely varying degrees of success. But the one thing that’s always been stable is my ability to navigate the logistical side of creative business.

You see, I have always been more of an implementer than a creator, though a great deal of creativity and artistry exist in both. I’ve never been a big ideas person, and I don’t frequently have those lightbulb moments. But when an idea does come to me (from myself or someone else), and it’s fresh and original, I do know how to really get it in motion. I am a do-er, a progress-maker, an organizer and achiever. I’m at my best when taking a big wild idea and breaking it down into its executable form.

That’s really why The Productive Artist was born. Because with creativity comes its own kind of chaos. You can’t have one without the other. And all those ridiculously creative people I admire so much often struggle with the more logistical elements of their work – the time management, the business development, the finances.

And that’s exactly what The Productive Artist is here for – to help identify simple systems and tools that those wonderful creators can utilize right now to help better manage their creative workflow.

You don’t have to drastically change the way you do things. That’s not what I want. I want to help you find applicable solutions to the most common chaos that comes with your creative pursuits, and help you integrate these techniques into your existing routine.

I’m not just going to give you motivational advice on being more productive. There are plenty of other sites that do that. The Productive Artist is less about having more willpower, and more about having the right systems for your kind of creative work – navigating the clutter and mess you accumulate when you’re busy creating, and finding simple solutions that help you focus on the things that need your creative attention.

So if you feel like your creativity could use a productivity boost, then subscribe and check back for more of these tips and words of wisdom.

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