Find Your Gateway Action

Are you having trouble getting out of analysis paralysis and into taking action?

If you’re having trouble motivating, The Productive Artist says “don’t force it!”

It may not make sense or be that effective to simply try to force yourself to do something. You’ve got to want to do it or you’ll never get it done well. And what’s the point in doing something if you won’t do it well?

So it’s a two-step process.

The first step is about remembering why you want to do it, not just forcing yourself to want to do it. If you can remember why you want to get this particular task done, you’ll be much more likely to want to do it. I realize the task in front of you may itself be something you aren’t that excited to do – maybe it’s balancing your account, or sending out an email blast, or updating your blog (smiley face). But even if so, I’m willing to bet that task on your To Do list because it helps you further your business and art in some measurable way – it could help you see how much your business is making, or how it’s tracking financially, or it could help move your marketing forward and get your art in front of more potential customers – whatever the greater benefit may be, the important thing is to recognize what that is.

So take a look at those dreaded tasks of yours for a minute. They are on your list for a reason. So what is that reason? Why do you want to do them? How will they benefit you or help move you towards your larger goals by getting them done?

The second step is to give yourself the energy to do it. Once you know why you want to complete this task, and how it serves your bigger goals or enables you to keep doing what you love – then you just need to get your engine fired up and your gears shifted into action mode.

To do this, I recommend using something I like to call your Gateway Action.

This just means doing something else, something easier that you actually like doing or will do, to get you moving and energized. Then you can take advantage of that energy to launch into the task you need to do.

It could be a quick exercise. I myself like to drop down and do a quick 10 pushups when I need that fresh boost of energy. Others I know will run in place, do jumping jacks, or turn on some fun music and dance around the room for a bit. Whatever you want that can get your heart-rate up and give you the momentum and motivation to keep going into your less-liked tasks.

Another great idea for a Gateway Action is to go back to your To Do list, pick the easiest thing on the list, and do that first. It’s a quick win that can give you an immediate good feeling of being productive that you can then channel into the other harder tasks. So maybe you start by sending that quick email, or unloading the dishwasher, or taking out the trash. It can really be as simple as that. And once you’ve done it, see if you feel energized to start tackling the bigger fish. If not, pick the next easiest item on your list and do that one – and so on and so forth.

Eventually, I promise you will start to feel more energized and that warm, fuzzy productive feeling will help you keep moving on to the tougher tasks. Taking action will help you gain momentum. It really can be as simple as that. And remember, the best creative ideas are useless without action.

So get up, get your body moving, knock out some easier tasks, and then use that Gateway Action as a launching pad to get those pesky paralyzing tasks done once and for all!

You can do it!

Then comment below and tell me what Gateway Action you’ve discovered that works for you! And remember to subscribe to my email list.

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