What Is An Artist?

Attention aspiring Productive Artists: Exciting news! If you’ve explored my website already, you may know that I am currently working on publishing my first Productive Artist book – one that will lay out exactly how Artists like yourself can go about building a business around your creative offerings and making a sustainable living doing what you love. Well the exciting part is that the book is nearly finished, and we are now only two months away from book launch! So in the meantime, I wanted to start telling you a bit more about what the book will entail, so you can tell me what you think and decide if it will be right for you. Now, obviously the book will be written specifically for Artists and aspiring creative entrepreneurs. But how do you know if this even applies to you? Well, let me ask you this – What is an Artist?

You see, before I can explain what a Productive Artist is, we first have to figure out what it means to be an Artist. There are so many different ways to define that term these days, and I don’t think we can confine it to the old traditional definition anymore:

…those olden Renaissance days when brilliant (and slightly unhinged) painters like DaVinci and poets like Shakespeare madly crafted their latest masterpiece while desperately trying to please the pocketbook of their very wealthy, but very few patrons…

Yes, thankfully those days are over.

Nowadays, we don’t just have painters and poets – we have photographers, and musicians, and clothing designers, and jewelry makers, and massage therapists, and chefs, and web and graphic designers, and animators, and illustrators, and various kinds of writers… and filmmakers, like me!

Why yes, that’s actually what I do. That’s my incarnation of being an Artist, which has enabled me to explore and define the path of becoming a Productive Artist. I am an independent film producer.

This basically means that my films aren’t funded by the big fancy Hollywood studios – which if you think about it, are kind of like those few wealthy patrons of the old Renaissance days…

Instead, as an independent filmmaker, I actually have to get creative and find my own means of funding each film in a way that keeps it true to its artistic integrity and its audience, but also allows me the best chance of making that money back. I don’t have big studios backing me who can just write off millions in debt from over-grandiose flops (*cough* RIPD). And unlike the studio execs, I actually need to make my budget back in order to stay alive and well fed enough to make the next film.

But the amazing thing is that in today’s modern age, we now also have a whole barrel full of new ways and avenues and platforms to raise funding and earn a living from our art and creative offerings.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. So more on those later.

First, I want to know about YOU.

I’ve told you all about me, and how I think of myself as an Artist. In fact, if I were to define “Artist”, I’d say it’s simply someone who passionately pursues self-expression through the creation of an idea from their own unique vision.

So now I want to hear from you! Who are you? What kind of Artist or creative entrepreneur are you? Are you a filmmaker like me, or something else entirely?

But most importantly – whatever kind of creative work you do – I want to know how you define what an Artist is. So in the comments below, please tell me who you are and what you think. And I look forward to getting to know you! Then remember to subscribe to my email list to hear the latest on my upcoming book release!

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