What Is A Business Plan?

Hello again! Great to see you back here…

well I guess I can’t see you (wouldn’t that be weird!)

…but it is lovely to be writing you once again.

In my last post, I explained what all this Productive Artist business is about. And that’s just it. It’s about business, and the business of being an Artist, or rather, a Productive Artist. And I do truly believe it is possible for ALL of us creative entrepreneurs to make a living by creating and sharing what we love.

Who says you can’t have your designer artisan cake and eat it too?

But how exactly do we do that? An Artist, who is in the business of being an Artist, cannot live on creativity alone.

The bottom line is that if you want to produce and sell something of your own creation, and if you want to make this happen on your own terms and work for yourself – then that makes you an entrepreneur and that means you are running a business.

And if you want to make enough from your art to be able to continue making it – then you want to be Productive in how you build and run your business.

And if you want to run your own Productive business, you’re going to need a business plan.

But a business plan doesn’t have to be as scary or overwhelming as it sounds. At its core, a business plan is really just a roadmap for how to build the business and life you want as a creative entrepreneur. It’s there to help you understand your business and where it fits into the marketplace, and then guide you on building it and growing it into a solvent success.

So if you’re the type of Artist who, like me, wants to make a living doing what you love and creating the art you’re passionate about, then this is a bridge you’re going to need to cross – well, first build and then cross. That’s precisely why I’m writing this new Productive Artist’s Business Plan book, to help you build one for yourself.

Maybe you’ve already started some version of a plan for yourself, jotted some ideas down on a Google or Word doc, or drawn them out on paper. But however many questions you’ve figured out and written down so far, there’s probably still plenty left unanswered. That’s what I (and The Productive Artist) am here for – to help you find those answers. Whatever you have so far is only the beginning. And a business plan is only as valuable as it is able to ask you the tougher questions and prompt you to build a Productive business for yourself.

And if you already had the business and life you want as an Artist, you wouldn’t be here with me right now, would you?

So since you are here, I’d love to hear what you think and want and question. I want to hear what you think a business plan is, or if you agree with my interpretation. Do you think you need one as a Productive Artist running your own business?

Please comment below and tell me what you think. Then remember to subscribe to my email list and stay tuned for more news on my impending new book, The Productive Artist’s Business Plan, which will answer all these questions and more!

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