The Productive Artist is on a Podcast!

Goodness groceries! What an incredible and rewarding journey this has been so far as The Productive Artist – not to mention the journey that got me here!

Just the other day, some of my close girlfriends and I were ruminating on our life goals that we’ve accomplished so far, and how much easier it is to see how far we’ve come if we look back a year, or even 5. A few years ago, I never imagined I would actually be a published author, or that I’d be helping so many aspiring Artists and creative entrepreneurs as The Productive Artist.

It’s been one hell of a journey – one that’s taught me a lot about how to guide other Artists along that journey toward realizing their own dreams and goals. And one of the joys of having reached some of those goals and achieved some success is the recognition you receive from peers and the resulting opportunities to share your story with even more people.

That’s what happened when Kent Sanders approached me about appearing on his podcast for The Artist’s Suitcase, a wonderful online resource geared towards Artists and creatives who want to unlock their creative potential.

The Artist's Suitcase

Wanna know how it all got started, why I do what I do (for all of you), and what my new book is all about?

Then listen up to this podcast from The Artist’s Suitcase, featuring yours truly!

The Artist's Suitcase-My Podcast 9.26.13

Huge thanks to Kent Sanders of The Artist’s Suitcase for the opportunity to do this awesome interview! If you liked what you heard, please subscribe to my email list and YouTube Channel for more juicy nuggets and valuable advice to come.

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