Get Ahn With It! And Action!

I like to say that I’m action-oriented. I have a bias for action. I realize there’s a joke in there somewhere about how I also make action films.

But in every aspect of my life, this is a mantra I’ve always strived to embody. I’ve always been a get-shit-done kinda girl. I don’t waste time. Life’s too short. No reason to dilly dally or beat around the bush. I’m like Nike – I just do it.

Or, as I’ve been saying more often, I just get “Ahn” with it.

Get it? Coz “Ahn” is my last name! Haha, I’m so clever!

That’s why I’ve decided to give this and my life’s work a dose of re-branding, with a more catchy (and admittedly cheesy) name. Because everything I do, and everything I help other people do, is about getting on with it – on with the show, or the project, or whatever it is you’ve been dancing around, over-brainstorming, thinking too much about and not putting into productive action.

Ever since I made my own daring career shift 2 and a half years ago, leaving the cushy corporate world for the uncertainty of the arts and entrepreneurship, I’ve continued to learn that bold steps can be rewarded boldly. I’ve learned that sometimes the best therapy is just having the courage to put your shit out there, and share all that crap bottled up inside of you with people who care. And I’ve experienced (sometimes the hard way) how unhealthy it can be to keep it locked up inside, doing nothing but stewing and simmering dangerously.

You’ve got to get it out of you, out there in front of other people, and let them make up their own minds about it – it’s the only way to give it the chance it deserves to stand on its own feet and make a difference. This is true for relationships and personal health, but it’s also true for projects and businesses too.

Tina Fey wants you to take action!

It takes action to make any kind of progress. Every film, video, play, event or book I’ve produced has taught me that. Sharing with you all has taught me that. Living my life the way I have, and the way I intend to keep living, has taught me that. It’s made me a stronger and more reliable partner to work with. And I’ve found that I’m simply just stronger and happier when I’m being productive.

So it’s a win-win. What have you got to lose?

You’re more likely to regret the things you didn’t do, than those you tried and did poorly. Because even if you fail or make mistakes, you can learn from them, and improve because of them. But you’ll never know that growth if you never take the chance, and try something scary and new. And what is the point of living if you can’t keep growing and learning? What good is a life without challenge and adventure?

So what are you waiting for? The right moment? Having all the answers? A sense that it’s all going to work out beautifully? Because chances are it won’t, and that’s a good thing – otherwise it wouldn’t be worth tackling. No one ever made history, or changed the world, or found great success and fulfillment by playing it safe. (And if they did, they are definitely the exception and not the rule.)

As Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite authors, once said:

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”

So quit monkeying around, and just get on with it already. Buy my book, subscribe to my blog, and let me help you start putting your ideas into action. Comment below and tell me what you need to get started, what’s holding you back, or where you could use an extra push. I’d love to hear from you and learn how you think we can help each other power forward and get some more action.

So lights, camera, and “Ahn” with the show!

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