Helen Mirren on Women In Film

Helen Mirren at Women in Film

At the Women in Film reception on Friday evening, co-host Helen Mirren got up to speak and immediately proceeded command the attention of the room.

“Shut up,” she said boldly, “cause Mama’s in the house.”

She then turned her attention to another group and said,

“That includes all you guys over there near the bar.”

And boy did they. Everyone did, because Helen Mirren is one Tough Cookie, who knows how to command all the respect and strength she embodies. It’s unfortunate that only 41 women  have directed the last 1,100 top films. But if we can encourage more women to do like Helen Mirren and stand up and take charge, we can change that for the better.

“I don’t often wish I’m younger,” she went on to say, “But tonight, looking at this audience, I do wish I was about 40 years younger… I’m just so excited about what happens next.”

She talked about the progress many women have already started making these changes happen in the film industry, and how excited she is to see what further changes are coming.

“It’s coming, women and girls, it’s coming! Enjoy it. And have a drink.”

Yes it is! And I’m ready for it – ready to do my part making it happen. Are you?

Source: Carpetbagger

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