The Power Of Women Times Six

It’s that time of year again – no not the leaves changing, or first snows, or the anticipation of obligatory family time that comes with the holidays – those things are upon us as well. But what I’m most exciting about at this moment is the celebration of the sixth annual Variety Power of Women issue, which celebrated five incredible women at today’s annual luncheon who have been using their clout to bring attention to worthy causes.

Let’s meet the honorees.

Variety Power of Women 2014

First we have Jennifer Lopez, who started the Lopez Family Foundation with her sister Lynda in 2008 after a health scare inspired them to want to help improve healthcare for other women and children.

Next, Reese Witherspoon is being honored for her work running production company Pacific Standard with Bruna Papandrea, and through it driving the production of films with strong, dynamic roles for women – like “Wild” and “Gone Girl.”

Jane Fonda has been a major advocate for preventing adolescent pregnancy, particularly in Georgia where there is the highest rate of it. So in 1994, she founded the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential and has been making waves ever since.

Viola Davis has proven to be a force to reckon with for eradicating childhood hunger, partnering with both Safeway Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation to introduce the Hunger Is initiative this year.

And last but certainly not least, Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley is already an incredible role model, being one of the only women in her level of position in the entertainment industry. But what makes her even more awesome is her work with nonprofit organization Vital Voices and its global mentorship program.

Source: Variety

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