Author’s Letter

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Hello there!

I’m Rebecca Ahn, author of The Productive Artist’s Business Plan.

For me, finding the balance between creativity and its inevitable chaos has been a lifelong practice. I have had a passionate love for the arts since my youth, which has carried through to adulthood despite my parents’ continued urgings to find a more stable career path. But I always insist that the arts can be its own profitable path. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to master the business side of the creative world.

I first learned to walk that line in college at UC Davis with a double bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Art and Economics. I began to tackle my own artistic endeavors there, combining the two majors to develop creative business methods with various theatre and event productions – most notably founding and producing Davis’s first weekly live performance show “Fridays @ 4”. I put my heart, sweat, and soul into 3 exhilarating years of weekly original lineups that featured everything from music, standup comedy, and slam poetry to dance, juggling, and mentalist performers.

I can’t say enough what an enormous learning experience that proved to be. It was perhaps this one venture that most significantly shaped my expertise and understanding as a Productive Artist.

After UC Davis, I went on to explore an entirely new world of creativity and innovation at Google Inc. I peered into every crack and explored a wide variety of positions across advertising and sales, engineering, education and executive support. Each experience helped me further hone my ability to sculpt tailored systems that increase creative efficiency and impact while decreasing stress and overwhelm.

Then in 2011, I made the very bold decision to leave Google’s protective bubble and pursue an entirely different freelance career path in the world of independent filmmaking and stunts. This continued into commercial video production and producer consulting. And slowly, I discovered my love for guiding other producers, artists, and creative freelancers to achieve the same creative dreams and entrepreneurial impact I’ve found over the years.

It’s been an incredible journey so far – one that has lead me to understand how we, as creators, can produce something that offers both artistic integrity AND productive value to the marketplace. I’ve worked with everyone from filmmakers to writers, musicians to chefs, graphic designers to jewelry makers, every kind of artist and creator you can imagine. And I’ve come to realize that nearly every one struggles with the same common problems of balancing their boundless creativity with the boundaries of business logistics.

Now armed with this precious insight, I’ve set out to share my business wisdom with the rest of the creative community. It’s always been my dream to inspire a greater realization for the productive value of the arts and creativity in the world economy. And now I can do that by helping my fellow artists to turn their creative ideas into productive action and sustainable business practices.

If this sounds like something you want to achieve for yourself, then I encourage you to explore my site full of tips and templates for any creative entrepreneurs who wants greater structure and productivity in their creative endeavors, and greater harmony with their creative chaos.

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